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RyanВ JabolaВ

Mr. MontalbanoВ В

2ndВ PeriodВ APВ Lang. В andВ Comp. В

3В NovemberВ 2014В

HowВ toВ PoisonВ theВ EarthВ QuestionsВ

QuestionsВ onВ Meaning: В

1 ) )В

TheВ mainВ purposeВ ofВ thisВ essayВ isВ toВ informВ theВ readersВ aboutВ theВ threatsВ weВ areВ causingВ

toВ В theВ futureВ ofВ ourВ planetВ becauseВ heВ explainsВ howВ humansВ areВ poisoningВ theВ earth. В HumansВ areВ poisoningВ theВ earthВ fromВ theirВ useВ ofВ pesticides, В ruiningВ waterВ supplies, В formingВ radioactiveВ components, В andВ drillingВ intoВ theВ Earth'sВ surface. В ThisВ ideaВ canВ clearlyВ beВ seenВ throughoutВ theВ essayВ asВ SaukkoВ writes, В " theВ UnitedВ StatesВ generatesВ aboutВ eighteenВ tonsВ ofВ plutoniumВ eachВ year” thisВ essentiallyВ instillsВ thatВ humansВ areВ alreadyВ poisoningВ theВ earthВ andВ shouldВ becomeВ moreВ awareВ ofВ it. В SaukkoВ hopesВ thatВ theВ readerВ willВ nowВ beВ informedВ ofВ theВ harmsВ orВ " poisoningВ ofВ theВ earth” thatВ humansВ areВ allowingВ toВ beВ unleashedВ ontoВ theВ Earth. В В 2 . )В

Streams, В oceans, В andВ theВ lowerВ atmosphereВ areВ threeВ mechanismsВ thatВ areВ usedВ forВ theВ

cleansingВ ofВ theВ earth. В EachВ mechanismВ isВ usedВ forВ anВ essentialВ dutyВ andВ isВ responsibleВ forВ cleaningВ theВ land, В sea, В andВ air. В SaukkoВ pointsВ outВ thatВ humansВ mustВ completelyВ ridВ theВ EarthВ ofВ theseВ environmentallyВ beneficialВ factorsВ toВ completelyВ reachВ aВ stateВ ofВ aВ poisonedВ Earth. В В 3. )В

PracticesВ thatВ areВ potentiallyВ destructiveВ toВ ourВ environmentВ includeВ nuclearВ reactors, В

deepВ oilВ drilling, В andВ workingВ withВ machinesВ thatВ produceВ carbonВ emissions'. В EachВ oneВ providesВ aВ practicalВ functionВ asВ nuclearВ reactorsВ areВ usedВ forВ energyНѕВ howeverВ createsВ anВ immenseВ amountВ ofВ nuclearВ waste. В DeepВ oilВ drillingВ isВ utilizedВ toВ createВ fuelВ forВ carsВ andВ otherВ transportation, В yetВ

oilВ spillsВ areВ extremelyВ detrimentalВ toВ habitats. В UsingВ machinesВ thatВ produceВ carbonВ emissionsВ areВ usedВ forВ transportationВ andВ everydayВ purposes, В thoughВ resultВ inВ CO2В emissions'В andВ globalВ heating. В AllВ ofВ theseВ areВ usedВ everydayВ byВ mankind, В whoВ areВ commonlyВ unawareВ withВ theВ...



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