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Reading Reflection

At first, I do believe literacy provides two meanings. The first meaning is usually culture or civilization plus the second meaning is the ability to write and read. Both equally meaning are extremely similar, they are related to ethnic knowledge. But in today's culture, literacy not only means traditions. The concept of data literacy is usually people may effectively work with and identify the information. Besides, people can redefining and evaluate themselves in today's data society. Simply by reading Nunberg's Teaching Pupils to Go swimming in the Online Marine, I think the concept of literacy is the discerning potential of people. At present, much knowledge is deriving from Internet. They are second hand supplies, not the primary sources. Several resources aren't true. Just how every people think of the Web is very several. It testing their discriminating abilities. Like lots of people judge the credibility of a website by simply its outward. The information literacy means to manage to effectively identify, evaluate, and use the info. Also, the data literacy is usually expanding to incorporate the map, media, and some electronic text message. The information literacy has a deeper meaning. College students are highly familiar about web page and internet search engine. They are successfully integrating the concept of information literacy into their learning programs. For me personally, I think the knowledge literacy will work for college students. Because it can help them recognize when the information should be used, they have the cabability to use the info. Literacy info is progressively important in college life. Students confronted with diverse, wealthy information every day. It was a huge challenge for these people.



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