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Busi 2215(16-18) Ed McHugh

Emily Crowell, 0659702

1 ) What purpose does culture serve for an organization?

1a. I believe the purpose a culture will serve for a business is that it can help to form the personality from the organization; this defines beliefs, norms, and beliefs. With culture in the organization it will help control persons and teams on how they act inside and outside from the organization. 2 . Describe the Mayo Clinic's culture from your perspective of espoused beliefs and enacted values. 2a. From what I have examine in the article the Espoused values I could see had been the values of the firm, the philosophy of the firm and the philosophy that the company teams follows. As well in the article the Enacted beliefs I came across were the principles of the personnel, which were to really push and challenge themselves with self-actualization and hard cases. In most of this the Mayo Medical center strives to advertise respect, between not only the patients however the staff too, and to deal with the patients in the proper way possible to ensure they have treatments they deserve. 3. Using the perspective from the functions of organizational traditions, explain the effect of Mayo's values and ideals. 3a. What I possess gathered in the article with regards to the organizational lifestyle, I believe the fact that impact of Mayo's values and concepts will provide a control system, sense of identity, reinforcing the values and a feeling of making system. With these types of four values/ideas the company really shows that they are willing to acknowledge the norms of taking care of patients and working on disorders and remedies for those conditions, and really trying to attending to the patient. Additionally, they realize the unacceptable norms of working to make higher profits which a healthcare industry can be a huge deal and pharmaceutical companies are frequently doing this year after year. With Mayo Clinic's reimbursement system in place they really show they are not regarding...



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