Cmis102 Groundwork Assignment you

 Cmis102 Groundwork Assignment 1 Essay

CMIS102 Homework Assignment 1 (Worth 13% of your grade)

Student Identity:

Class/Section: CMIS102, Section 6388

Professor Term: Jeffrey Marcus

Assignment due date:

Problem classification: Calculate the whole value of any group of cash. Assume that the coins would be the standard American coins: dime, nickel, penny, quarter.

A. Problem Analysis – Following a directions in the assignment, evidently write up your trouble analysis through this section. a)What is the essential output?

oTotal value of any group of ties

oName from the coins

oValue with the coins

b)What is the necessary input?

oIn order to result the item's Value, this program must know the cost of the coin. (Dime = 10 cents, Quarter = 25 cents, etc…) oThe program must also know what money I was grouping with each other oIn purchase for this software to estimate the total benefit of a selection of coins, it should know the Value of each endroit itself and it must know the dimensions of the group of brings together I choose. Following choosing the money, it should calculate the total based on Value and Name in the coin c)How you will obtain the required output from the given input? oTo compute the " GroupValue” (total benefit of a group of coins) we need to know the " CoinValue”(the individual value, in cents, of the coin itself) and the " CoinName” (to separate every single coin with its CoinValue, we must know the name of each coin). It will also need to know the " AmountOfEach” to be able to know how often times it should determine each " CoinValue”. oAn example of the process of finding the total value of your group of money would be: State you input 2 Dimes, 1 Any amount of money and a few Nickels. This software will method the value of the dime, penny and nickel. As it locates the value of each coin, it will process the input showing how many times the coin was requested. 2(0. 10)+1(. zero. 01)+3(0. 05) = zero. 36

B. Program Design – Following the directions inside the assignment, evidently write up your trouble design with this section and...



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