Darkness but Bats

 Darkness but Bats Composition


Pronunciation and Speaking level two Lesson plan 4 Course:

Part 1 ) Listen to the audio and fill up the missing words and phrases.

I'm Barbara Klein. And I'm Mario Ritter with EXPLORATIONS in VOA Particular English. Today, we learn about the environmental and agricultural need for bat foule And, we visit the " Cod Academy, ” an exercise program to get fishers in ________ (1). the American state of Maine. Bats twenty The United Nations features declared ________ (2) 9 to 20 or so twelve 12 months of the Bat. The advertising campaign was launched last year as a way to improve efforts pertaining to protecting the world's simply flying mammal. These animals can be found in various parts of the world. Bats are in cities, deserts, grasslands and forests. There are over one thousand two hundred such as the ________ (3). The smallest softball bat in the world is usually from Southeast Asia. The Bumblebee kinds bat measures about twenty five millimeters long. The world's largest bat, the Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Sibel, has a wingspan of one . 5 meters. Many bats consume ________ (4), but many feast upon fruit or perhaps nectar via insects plants. Many persons think bats are impaired, but this may not be true. Many species have very very good sight. Most bats ________ communicate (5) and find their very own way by making " echolocation” noises. That they produce high-frequency noises and may estimate the space of an target by using the sound echoes that bounce back to them. So , while bats may travel and leisure in total night, they " see” applying sound. Unfortunately, bats are widely feared and confusing. Most bats come out of all their shelters simply at nightfall. Three baseball bat species feast upon blood. Due to these qualities, bats have long been associated in many nationalities to death, ________ (6) and vampire. darkness

However bats are important for farming and the environment. They help pollinate crops and distributed seeds. Additionally, they help control insects. Bats eat enormous numbers of pesky insects, including varieties that harm crops. For instance , a dark brown bat can eat multiple...



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