How to Write a Perfect Essay in 7 Easy Steps?

Students think of essays as a horrific assignment no matter what purpose it has:

  • A scholarship.
  • A class.
  • A contest, etc.

Although, it is a project of a big difference, there are several recommendations that can make the process easier and more fun. Firstly, you need to break the project in several parts to manage all of them separately one by one. 7 simple steps represented below will be the easiest option to compose a perfect essay.

Picking a Topic

Sometimes instructors may assign a topic to you, but quite often you need to think of it yourself by demonstrating your creative abilities. If the topic is assigned, consider what type of paper you want to craft – an analysis or an overview of a problem.

If the topic was not assigned, you need more time to thinks about the things you would like write about. Advantage of this option is that you can pick a subject that you are really interested in.

If you have no idea what to write about, try to determine the aim of your essay – do you need to tell about something or prove your vision to the audience?

Upon the determination of the aim, study the topics you consider entertaining. Create a list of your interests and evaluate the options you have:

  • If you’re about to educate the audience then pick a topic you’ve recently learned.
  • If you’re about to assert your opinion, select the topic you are passionate about.

Whatever the goal, make sure you’re interested in what you’re writing.

Place Your Ideas into a Diagram

If you’re wondering how to write a perfect essay, remember that the first step to reach this aim is to organize your ideas. By writing down your thoughts about the subject you will see links between them. This will be the basis of your future work. You can present your ideas in two best methods:

  • A diagram: write your subject in the middle of the paper and draw a few lines from it with the ideas you have about it. You can draw as many lines as you wish depending on how many thoughts you have.
  • A plan: write your topic at the top of the page and list you main ideas about it, leaving some space under every idea. Fill in the space with the thoughts you have about a particular idea. This way you will see connections between your ideas and will be able to compose a well-organized essay.

State the Thesis Statement

The objective of your paper is told in the thesis statement, which should be split into two sections. The first one informs readers about the topic and the second one tells about the objective of an essay. For example, if you’re writing about Bill Clinton’s influence on the USA, a good statement would sound like ‘Bill Clinton has influenced the future of the USA through the two consistent terms as the President of the USA’.

The Body, Introduction, and Ending

The body explains, argues, or determines your topic. Every idea you’ve highlighted in your plan is a separate paragraph in the body. The body paragraphs should be of the same structure and begin with one of your ideas. In the format of sentences give some supplementing ideas and examples.

Continue with the introduction that has to attract attention of those reading your essay. Use attention grabbers for the beginning of introduction, but make sure they are tied with your statement.

The ending brings closure to the topic and summarizes the overall opinions while giving a final perspective on the subject. The ending’s length is from three to five strong sentences. You can just re-examine the main points you wrote about in the body and reinforce your thesis.

Final Touches

See if the paragraphs are structured in the correct order. The strongest ideas of your work should be included in the first and last paragraphs in the body. Make sure all of it makes sense.

Review the requirements for your paper and ensure you have followed them. Reread your essay and inspect it for possible errors. See if the sentences run smoothly and thoughts are connected with each other. If all is fine you can deliver your paper to your professor and wait for results. Knowing these recommendations on how to write a perfect essay will help you compose amazing papers.

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