How to write a reaction paper

Reaction paper is very poplar type of assignment and every student will have to deal with it some day. Moreover, it is very creative assignment, where students need to demonstrate their feeling about some book, article, or even film. Tips that you see below, will help you to understand how to write a reaction paper and get the best possible results. However, it often happens that students can’t handle this task by their own. In this case, you need to remember that you always can rely on professionals of academic writing.

Prewriting part of reaction paper writing process

This type of paper writing depends on a text that is necessary to read. That is why, it is essential to be ready for writing process. There are several steps of prewriting process.

First of all, you need to understand the purpose of this task. Reaction or response paper is based on reading some text and your reaction on it. In other words, you need to read text carefully and write about your thoughts and feelings. Moreover, you need to analyze this text from the objective point of view too. There are several important features of this assignment:

  • One text to describe – students need to provide their feeling about main ideas and prove them by convincing evidences.
  • Multiple texts to describe – students need to analyze how these texts are related and different.
  • Books, films, lectures, labs, etc. – this task may be given to various materials.
  • Not a summary – reaction paper is not a summary of text, it provides much deeper analysis.

Assignment requirements

The next step is in understanding assignment requirements. Before you start writing your reaction paper, you need to find out what your professors want to get from you. This is very important, because some teachers want to get objective analysis and others your personal response.

Text reading process

The next step is reading of a text. Reading can be quite a long process, because it is necessary to understand your text properly. Only thoughtful reading process can bring success in writing a reaction paper. There are a few things that you need to do, to make your reading process fruitful:

  • Save time for reading – to analyze some text you should have enough time. Don’t read and react at the last minute.
  • Write down your first reactions – your initial reactions from the text you read will help you to analyze it later.
  • Annotate the text – it will help you during your writing, when you will need to remind yourself some important facts.
  • Question the text – you always need to ask questions about the text. Reaction paper writing process

After you have finished with reading, you can start writing your paper. As any other academic paper, it has its structure.

Structure of the paper

This paper should have basic essay format. It means that you reaction paper structure consists of such parts: introduction, body part and conclusion. In introduction, you write your thesis statement. In each body paragraph, you need to provide arguments that will support your thesis statement. In conclusion, you should summarize everything.

Writing steps

To write a good reaction paper, you need to follow these steps:

  • Free writing – write about general impression from the text. It will help you to start writing and organize your ideas.
  • Read your draft – you should carefully look through your draft and choose your best arguments and ideas.
  • Find your angle – be critical when you evaluate some text and choose your angle.
  • Write thesis statement – find out the most important thing about the text you have read and formulate the core of your reaction paper.
  • Organize your ideas – organize your thoughts according to structure.
  • Gather quotes – quotations will help you prove your arguments.
  • Edit and proofread – don’t forget to check whether every is written well.

If you still have question how to write a reaction paper, you need to use professional help.

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