Guideline on how to write a synthesis essay

Synthesis essay is a perplexing type of essay, because it requires abilities to absorb a lot of informative facts and perform them in an organized way. If you want to discover how to write a synthesis essay, it will be advantageous to look at these wonderful writing tips. Yet, keep in your mind that you always can call for a professional assistance.

Necessary steps before creating your paper

Foremost, you should be properly prepared before you begin writing your paper. Therefore, you should do several things.

If it is the first time, when you have to create a synthesis essay, you need to distinguish what this type of essay demands from you. You won’t have a chance to create a good paper, if you have no idea about its purpose. The aim of this exact essay is to search for perceptive connections between parts of one work or several works that you can form in one claim about a topic. You have to know about several different types of a synthesis essay:

  • Argument synthesis
  • Review
  • Explanatory/background synthesis

Choose appropriate topic

Another important aspect that will help you to uncover how to write a synthesis essay is topic. It is vital to decide on a good topic. It should be quite broad, so it was possible to provide a description of related sources. If your professor offers you some topic, there are no troubles, but if you have to decide on it by yourself, it will be advantageous to read some additional information to make the best decision.

Choose sources

Most of the times, when you work on your synthesis essay, you need to pick at least three sources. It is a minimum of necessary source material and you can more. Think of the reason, you want to create this essay and your choice will be successful. It will be very helpful for you to choose the best material for your paper.

Writing process of a synthesis essay

To compose a satisfying synthesis paper you should be very attentive and create your piece of writing with the help of tips provided below.

Keep in mind these steps to make a paper

There exist a few necessary steps that will help you with organizing your writing procedure in the best possible way:

  • Come up with a short outline for yourself – in case you miss some of your ideas.
  • Make a first draft – follow your outline, but remember that you can revise it, if you see that it will make your paper better.
  • Look through your first draft – you need to do this to see whether your paper is coherent or not. Read it and see your weak and strong sides in writing this paper.
  • Create your essay once again – you need to write a complete essay, but without previous mistakes.
  • Revise, edit and proofread your paper – make sure that won’t more mistakes.

When you work on your synthesis essay, don’t forget about such thing as essay structure. You need to write an introduction with a good thesis statement, body part with arguments and convincing evidences that support your thesis statement and conclusion with a brief summary of the main points from your essay. It is also very important to edit and proofread it well, because your grades depend on this.

Don’t forget about extra components of a good synthesis essay

There are certain features that this type of essay has:

  • Third person writing – it is necessary to write your sentences using third person (he, she, it, they).
  • Choose complete sentences – try to use for your writing only explicit and complete sentences.
  • Prefer active voice – try to utilize only active voice for your sentences. Use passive voice, only when you need to use first person (I, we) or second person (you).
  • Use transitions – you need to utilize a variety of transition words to make your piece of writing logical and coherent.
  • Cite your sources – it is essential not to forget about citing any paraphrased, quoted or cited text.
  • Write a good title – your title should fit the information you have in your essay. Moreover, it should be entertaining and catchy.

These practical tips will become a very large help in a synthesis essay writing, but if you, for some reason, have problems with writing this type of essay or any other academic paper, you always can achieve professional help.

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