Personal credit card debt Analysis

 Credit Card Debt Evaluation Essay

Examination of Financial debt

1 . Most credit cards need that you pay a minimum payment of two percent of the balance. Relying on a balance of $5, 270. 00, what would be the lowest monthly payment (assuming no various other fees happen to be being applied)? In order to find out what the minimal monthly payment will be we would have to Multiply the minimum payment per month percentage together with the balance. 2% x $5, 270. 00 = 0. 02 by $5, 270. 00 sama dengan $105. 45

2 . Considering the minimum repayment you just computed, determine the quantity of interest plus the amount that was applied to reduce the principal. To determine the interest and the quantity that will be put on reduce the principle we must utilize the formula, I = Prt. I = interest, P = is definitely the principle and also the balance, l = is the annual percentage rate, and t may be the time frame. Therefore , we will certainly let L = $5, 270, r = 15. 53%, big t = 1/12 (1 presents one month away of 12 months). We = (5, 270)(. 1553)(1/12) = $68. 20, this is what the interest will be. This means that I might be spending $68. twenty towards my interest. To find out the amount that is getting applied to reduce my main I take away my fascination from my own minimum repayment.

$105. 40 - $68. twenty = $37. 20

This means that just $37. 20 is going towards my actual balance. 3. Consider one of your credit cards. Precisely what is the balance? Just how is the minimum monthly payment identified? What is the minimum payment? How much from the minimum repayment goes to interest? Simply how much of the minimum payment moves towards the main? The balance of my American Express Cards is $1, 233. 00. My APR (annual percentage rate) can be 6%. They might require me to pay at least monthly payment of 3% with the balance. My personal minimum payment is $36. 99. This can be determined by growing my harmony and the percentage of my own minimum monthly payment. $1, 233 x. goal = $36. 99

To determine just how much of my payment should go towards my interest I have to use the method I = Prt. My spouse and i = curiosity, P = is the theory or the...



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