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GCSE Physics Coursework - Resistance of the Wire Homework

Resistance of your Wire


To investigate the way the resistance of your wire is affected by the length of the line.


What is resistance?

Electrical energy is carried out through a director, in this case cable, by means of totally free electrons. The amount of free electrons depends on the material and more totally free electrons means a better conductor, i. elizabeth. it has much less resistance. For example , gold has more free electrons than flat iron and, as a result, it is a better conductor. The free electrons are given strength and as a result push and conflict with neighbouring free bad particals. This happens across the entire wire and therefore electricity is conducted. Resistance is the response to energy loss as high temperature. It requires collisions involving the free bad particals and the fixed particles in the metal, different free electrons and impurities. These crashes convert some of the energy the fact that free electrons are transporting into high temperature.

How can it be measured?

The resistance of any length of wire is worked out by computing the current present in the outlet (in series) and the volts across the line (in parallel). These measurements are after that applied to this kind of formula:

Versus = We Вґ 3rd there’s r where V = Volt quality, I = Current and R = Resistance

This is rearranged to:

R = V


Ohm's Regulation

It is also tightly related to know of Ohm's Law, which usually states which the current through a metallic director (e. g. wire) by a constant temperatures is proportionate to the potential difference (voltage). Therefore Sixth is v Вё I is regular. This means that the resistance of your metallic caudillo is constant providing the temperature as well remains regular. Furthermore, the resistance of any metal boosts as its temperatures increases. This is due to at higher temperatures, the particles from the conductor happen to be moving around more quickly, thus elevating the likelihood of collisions with the cost-free electrons.



Period of wire. 2.

Material of wire.

Size of wire.

Beginning temperature of wire.


and so the amount of resistance of the cable. В†

Volts across line.

Current in routine.

Temperatures of cable.

The variable proclaimed with a * will be diverse, the different input parameters will be held constant. The output variable noticeable with a В† will be measured.


The longer the wire, the bigger the amount of resistance. This is because the longer the wire, a lot more times the free electrons will clash with other free of charge electrons, the particles getting back together the metallic, and any impurities inside the metal. Therefore , more strength is going to be misplaced in these crashes (as heat). Furthermore, duplicity the length of the wire will result in double the resistance. The reason is , by doubling the length of the wire you are also duplicity the collisions that will happen, thus doubling the amount of energy lost during these collisions.


The next circuit was constructed to accomplish the investigation:


The 2 dots ( ) stand for the crocodile clips which were placed in the ends of the required length of wire.

1 ) One metre length of zero. 4mm size " constantan" (a material alloy) line is fixed to a metre rule.

2 . The 1st crocodile clip is clipped to the wire at the 0cm position around the metre secret.

3. The other crocodile video is clipped to the relevant position depending on required length of wire.

four. The power supply is switched on. The volts and current are then read off the ammeter and voltmeter, and recorded.

your five. The power source is then turned off and the second crocodile video is moved to the next...



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