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THERMODYNAMICS 2 (BDA 30403) SESSION 1 2013/2014




A power plant is a service for the generation of electrical power. Engine power is also used to refer to the engine in ships, aeroplanes and other significant vehicles. Several prefer to make use of the term strength centre because it more accurately details what the plant life do, which is the change of other styles of energy, like chemical strength, gravitational potential energy or heat strength into electric power. For example , in the steam power plant, the gasoline is lose so that the drinking water inside the central heating boiler chamber produces a large amount of heavy steam which is used to show the turbine. The turbine is combined to a electrical generator which is connected to the step-up transformer. To increase the power station effectiveness, the heavy steam is cooled down in a fondre. The squander heat is usually carried out via the cooling tower where this returns while cool normal water to be utilized in the boiler again.

Almost all electrical power stations have got a electrical generator, a spinning machine that converts mechanised energy into electrical energy by simply creating family member motion among a permanent magnetic field and a conductor. The energy origin used to convert the generator varies extensively. It depends primarily on what fuels can be available plus the types of technology the ability company features. In this job, students have to design a power plant which in turn produces 600 MW of power. This project contributes 15% with the overall markings and each group needs to compose and fill in their report before or by the dateline.

As a great engineer, functioning at a steam engine power, you have received a call from a worker who reported the moisture content material at the leave of the generator was exceeding its allowed value range. To improve the problem and the plant operation, you were asked to design a power plant which usually produces seven hundred MW of power with efficiency of 50%. The moisture articles at the exit of the generator and the net work output from the circuit also need to end up being determined to ensure the circuit will work well.


1 . Pupils are required to kind a group consists of maximum five students (and minimum several students). Appoint a group head and give the name on your group. 2 . Each group is required to design and style a power plant for a particular application and state that in your statement. Also list all the pieces and routine chosen inside your design.

3. There is no restriction on the dimension and the selected equipment/facilities. Nevertheless , all the specification/information of the must be fastened together within your report. four. Each group then has to write a total report as well as the report content material is as specified below. The report must be detail and attractive, including detail style, drawings, computations and characters of your recommended power plant.

five. Besides the equipment's information/specification, the report must also be included the moments of conference, work delegation/milestone and group member examination of every group members to get soft skills/ generic abilities assessment. The group affiliate assessment type is as per attached.

6. All information must be posted by week 13.

Deadline: **Report must be submitted by simply week 14th (before twentieth Desember 2013).


1 ) Soft skills - 47% = 7/15 marks (consider affective and psychomotor fields – for lecturer ref. ) The soft skill will be assessed in terms of staff working (PLO 5). You will find 7 criteria/elements has to be regarded. Please pertain attachment of soft expertise assessment rubric. 2 . Record - 53% = 8/15 marks (consider cognitive website - for lecturer ref. ) The report has to be consists of the next elements:


Introduction – 10 signifies


Literary works review and related theory - twelve marks


Design - 15 represents (includes figures/drawings/sketches)


Calculation - 35 marks


Discussion - 15 marks


Realization - your five marks


References - 5 markings


Attachment – a few marks (materials and equipment information/specifications which were obtained from any kind of sources)...



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