Revenue Pattern Analysis of Tv in India

 Sales Style Analysis of Television in India Dissertation


Sagar Roongta, Yash Ambegaokar, MPSTME, Mumbai


Main objectives of the research should be understand the industry of consumer electronics, mainly Tvs, what are different technologies available in the market and response of people to it. You will find essentially three market areas i. electronic. Low Profits, Middle Class and Large Income Sector and the conduct of each sector is different from a single another. Your data was gathered from a sample of 7-8 shops in each category via a customer survey following which in turn an complex analysis was conducted. However various numbers in revenue representations happen to be estimate because the opportunity for industry research was limited. The study paper displays how the revenue of televisions vary over the three areas based on all their types, size and brands. The paper also brings to light the response of folks towards the conventional technologies just like Ultra Slim TVs and newer technology like LED TVs. This research study highlights the focal points of each sector through customer behaviour. This shows the idea process of the consumer behind the purchase of a straightforward commodity, like a Television.


The television is one of the most important causes of information. It plays this sort of a significant role in people‟s everyday lives that it‟s almost impossible to assume how we might live in the event that there were simply no TV. Exactly why so many people select this means of having information and entertainment is definitely its simplicity and convenience. The television has become a great intricate component to our lives. There could be alternate techniques to entertain yourself with the net, or to obtain world reports, but the tv will still never walk out favour. In urban India, almost all homeowners have at least one TV set, which will speaks a whole lot about their reach. While the years progressed, we moved from the initial black and white televisions in the 1930s towards the first colour television in 1950s. Coloring TV was obviously a revelation in more ways than one. Prior to its introduction, people also dreamt in black and white, colour television set even transformed that. Regular advancements with this field had been made. People loved the idea of home entertainment and even more and more programs started approaching in order to provide this. To improve the viewing encounter, rapid scientific advancements started out being made including flat-panel displays, to LCDs and LEDs to the current HI-DEF and 3 DIMENSIONAL viewing. Beginning with 41 makes its presence felt 1962 and one channel, by 1991 TV in India protected more than 75 million homes giving a viewing population greater than 400 , 000, 000 individuals through more than 90 channels. In Urban India, 85% of all households have a TV and over 70 percent of all households have access to Satellite, Cable or perhaps DTH services. Approximately half of all Of india households use a television. By 2010, an overall total number of 515 channels can be bought in the country out of which one hundred and fifty are pay channels. In accordance with the TAM Total annual Universe Revise - 2010, India has over 134 million homes (out of 223 million) with tv sets, of which over 103 million have access to Cable television or Satellite TV, including twenty million homeowners are DTH subscribers. Hence as we can easily see that the with regard to Televisions went up significantly. Seeing this kind of huge marketplace, there has been a massive influx of companies in past times decade which have started providing their own type of television sets. We've in Indian markets, businesses such as Fiat, Samsung, LG ELECTRONICS, Panasonic, Toshiba, Videocon, Onida and many others who have keep coming program newer and better quality tv sets. Everybody coming from a daily income earner into a CEO within a Multinational enterprise has a tv set at home. The goal of this studies to examine the would like of each portion of society, and to find out what kind of televisions do they prefer to purchase, what do people via different income groups seek out when they want a television program. The idea is always to understand the mind of today‟s...



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